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Production processes

Our production process involves several steps to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

The first stage of the production process starts with the acquisition of raw materials, either in the form of ingots used in our in-house continuous casting lines to produce foil stock, or directly in the form of hot-rolled coils. Thanks to the integration of Slim Aluminium into our group, we can count on a reliable supplier that guarantees a high standard of quality and continuity of service.


Continuous casting is our in-house process for producing foil stock; it involves melting the aluminium, which is poured into a channel and then cooled by passing it through two cylinders and rolled into a mother coil. Through this process, the aluminium retains its integrity and all the characteristics of the cast alloy.


The next step is cold rolling, the process that further reduces the thickness of the aluminium strip and improves its surface finish and mechanical properties.


This is followed by foil rolling and slitting, where the aluminium strip is further downgauged to produce ultra-thin foil up to a thickness of 6µm, which is then slitted to the desired size. Finally, the material is packed and shipped to the customer.

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